Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chapter Two: The Temptations Of Jesus



Butchie Boy Olmstead said...

Hello all (?). Are there "we"? I only feel dreadfully to have lagged along... having bitten-off more than chewable... but seem to see no stampede of other submissions? I do INTEND to read and add as I can... so hopefully to chap-2 tomorrow? Fear my last seemed "testy"... as to there seeming no window to Christs "interior"... yet clearly his reflective image of John 13:3. (?)

But I am still among you Jesse!

- CW Butch

Jesse said...

Hey Butch. I'm still here :-) This time of year gets a little hectic with my girls softball and horse back riding schedules, as well as some longer hours at work...

I didn't think you were being "testy" old friend, I think you make a good point. However, having recently read Ann Rice's Christ the Lord novel, I tend to suspect he's making a reference confined to the idea that Christ only came gradually to understand himself as the Son of God, which, if I understand correctly, would be a process already complete by the time of the events of John 13:3; to be clear, I think he's saying there's no warrant for this belief in the texts. Now, I'm not sure if that's entirely satisfactory -- let me know if it's not (and have no worries about seeming testy :-)